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Update: February 22, 2013: See below for information about this User Generated Content website, where any developer can post their apps normally banned on the Android Market … aka: Google Play.


2012 January 20 – Filecorner has launched Bandroid – the home for apps banned on the Android Market.

For some months already, many applications once marketed freely and openly on the Google Android Market have been pruned, prohibited and otherwise banned from appearing on the so-called open application market.

Of course this means that the Android Market is no longer suitable for many software publishers and developers.

Fortunately, Android is an Open Source OS, and it is perfectly AOK to develop independent app markets for Android users. There are, in fact, already a wide host of other websites for downloading Android apps. In that respect, Bandroid is nothing new.

What makes Bandroid unique, is that we only publish apps that are banned on the Android Market. This means we prominently feature banned apps in the realms of adult entertainment, cracking and other kinds of apps that snooty and snobbish tea toddlers typically frown upon.

Let them frown. Developers of the banned apps simply need another market place to post your prodigious product. We are here for those software developers and publishers to do exactly that.

Update: February 22, 2013: The apps featured on the Bandroid site are user uploaded, user generated contentThat means you, dear Bandroid website user.

If you want to see your apps banned on Android be available on this website, then you should upload your app.

If you want to see the app or apps of other developers whose apps are banned on Android, then you may wish to ask those developers to upload their apps here on the Bandroid site of Filecorner.


  1. New logger so I registered & received my passcode. That the system hasn’t seen my IP b4 is not surprising since… I’m a new user! Not sure what the prob is. Any insight would be appreciated.

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