Interesting Crypto Developments

Five Noteworthy Crypto Developments in 2018

Full Disclosure: We have investments and other financial interests in the following crypto works, and many more.

Binance – a major cryptocurrency exchange that’s worth many billions of USD and is not even a year old. – a cryptocurrency that is based on trading bots. The purpose of the currency is to deliver solid dividends to investors and traders, earned by the trading bots at modest daily and monthly amounts. – the world’s first DAPP dedicated and operating exclusively as a 2018 FIFA World Cup betting site, letting punters place wagers directly in Ethereum (ETH), all running on blockchain and smart contracts. CAUTION: This is not some fluffy futuristic fantasy. This is a live application for betting on World Cup matches during the championship tournament in Russia. If you’re not a sports betting person, stay away because you have no idea what to do. This site is for serious gamblers only, and specifically, it is for those football gamblers who want to bet ETH, without all the nonsense and hidden charges that rip off people who bet in old legacy sports betting sites. – A cryptocurrency project that aims to defend against government censorship, and protect anonymity, especially in the places and for the people to whom it really matters. – a cryptocurrency mining operation operating in a cave (formerly a Soviet military storage facility) in Kazakhstan that has thousands of bitcoin miners set up to mine BTC, using the cave’s natural cool temperatures to maintain low energy costs and thus increase ROI.

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