cryptocurrency ERC20 Token Sale – Pre-Sale Is LIVE ERC20 Token Sale – Pre-Sale Is LIVE

Full Disclosure: We have investments and other financial interests in the following cryptocurrency, CoinMarketAlert (CMA), and many more.

Do you trade cryptocurrency?  If so, you know how important it is to keep a close eye on your investments in digital cash.

Well now there’s a new ERC20 altcoin that is called Coin Market Alert and the site for it is at

As the name implies, Crypto Market Alert provides crypto investors with up-to-date information about the cryptocurrencies they HODL, short, or otherwise trade.

The service is also having a Token Pre-Sale now through July 31. More info about that is at

The official announcement about the Aug. 1 date that will see CMA launch its token sale on the open market, is at,

Remember my last post? If you’d used it well, you could have made bank, and you would have enjoyed every second.

Clearly, it’s important to use the best alert system that takes care of your needs, when you invest in any cryptocurrency. And CMA does exactly that. CMA’s token permits subscribers to control their notification services subscription. This is helpful if you choose to use cryptocurrency plus smart contracts to keep a handle on the information that’s important to you.

CoinMarketAlert (CMA) also has a free online slots game (it is not a real gambling game. you can’t bet any money on it. it’s a game that’s just fun, to try and win free tokens.) the game gives anyone free spins to win tokens. Tokens are available to anybody who signs up (registration is free). It’s fun. And … come on …  it’s free tokens. Who doesn’t like to win tokens for free? CMA’s free slots game is at

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