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The best new event tickets marketplace website in 2019 is Gigsberg.com

There’s a new site on the web for getting the latest and greatest tickets to events across the UK and Europe. Here is how its homepage looks on an Android mobile smartphone.

florence and the machine gigsberg.com concert ticket marketplace mobile website homepage on Android 2019-02-06

What is Gigsberg?

Gigsberg is a secondary marketplace for event tickets and is located at https://www.gigsberg.com

It launched on Friday, February 1, 2019, and we just recently discovered it and saw it on the launch date. Since then, our analysts have scrubbed and tested Gigsberg against all of its competitors. To date, we have found it to be the leading candidate and the interim title holder as 2019’s Best New Event Tickets Marketplace in Europe and the UK.

What makes Gigsberg the Best Concert and Event Tickets Site?

On Gigsberg you can find classical music concerts, comedy shows, classic rock shows, heavy metal shows like Metallica, hard rock, pop rock like Pink, Shawn Mendes, the Spice Girls, Twenty One Pilots, Rodger Hodgson of Supertramp fame and basically any other show you can think of worth seeing in 2019 in the UK or in Europe. Gigsberg is now able to get you those tickets.

How did you determine that Gigsberg is 2019’s best event ticket site?

We haven’t made our final decision, yet. We will do that later this year.

To date, Gigsberg has outclassed and outperformed its rivals in every single category we tested, save one: Number of available tickets 5 days before the show. And that’s because the shows on Gigsberg usually sell out by then! 

Gigsberg came out ahead in every other category we tested, including:

  • Choice
  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Customer Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Frictionless Process
  • Ticket Delivery Speed
  • Quality of Events
  • Quality of Tickets / Seats
  • Quality of Venue
  • Price
  • Value

While our findings are of course very early, literally within the first week of its launch, they are indeed remarkable. Never before have we seen a new event ticket site score so high across the board, against all comers.

With such spectacular initial test results, we will of course continue to test and review the site along with others we scan for extraordinary noteworthiness.

We plan to release a full report on the data science experiments we conducted to achieve our findings, once our conclusion is reached. 

How does Gigsberg work?

Gigsberg is a secondary market ticket agent marketplace. That means Gigsberg is actually just a marketplace where you, the buyer or seller, can log on and create an account for free, and you can then buy tickets which are otherwise sold out tickets to a show that you wanted to go to, or sell tickets you have, that you will not be using yourself.

You might find tickets on there for lower or sometimes the same price as if you would have bought it straight from the Primary ticket agents.

If the tickets are sold out in the primary ticket market, then there is a chance the seller might charge a little premium. Of course, this is the nature of secondary market ticket sites. That’s the way these sites operate as they basically are marketplaces that connects ticket buyers and ticket sellers, just like eBay connects buyers and sellers on retail goods, or Etsy connect buyers and sellers of all sorts of fashion and handicraft.

All these sites connecting buyers and sellers are just marketplaces. They’re not actually providing you the ticket themselves. They’re giving you easy and convenient access to the ticket through someone who is selling the tickets through the Gigsberg platform. You are basically purchasing from an independent ticket agent through a neutral platform whose service is mutually beneficial to the buyer, the seller and the platform.

How does Gigsberg benefit me?

As a buyer, the beauty of Gigsberg is that even though you’re buying from a third-party effectively, and you’re buying from somebody who has the tickets and for some reason they can’t use the tickets, so they are reselling them.

You are buying the tickets that have been vetted by Gigsberg. So the Sellers have been vetted. They are not completely unknown quantities operating in some weird shady underworld.

You’re getting legitimate tickets from legitimate sellers on a legitimate platform in a legitimate market for ticket sales: The secondary market for event tickets.

Why Gigsberg vs. StubHub or Viagogo?

So why should you use gigsberg over StubHub or viagogo? Well, if you StubHub or viagogo you may be disappointed that their agents are not well vetted and the people who sell tickets to events listed on StubHub or viagogo sometimes practice beneath the standards.

On Gigsberg it’s the exact opposite. Gigsberg reviews Sellers more thoroughly before they are allowed to sell. So you have a fully licensed company vetting its contributors the sellers, making sure that they’re legit Sellers.

And they’re also making sure that the buyers are not trying to buy all of the tickets to an event in order to resell them. So they don’t know let you buy thousands of tickets at once. You can try to buy bulk tickets there but you won’t succeed because they limit that so that you can’t do this kind of thing.

And that is a very good thing.

Happy concert-going!

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