Is Crypto Gambling Growing? You bet. crypto gambling EOS-based Token Sale – Pre-Sale Is LIVE

Full Disclosure: We have an antique silver and gold snuff box’s worth of financial interests in the following cryptocurrency, tombola (TBL), as well as many more.


Do you invest in cryptocurrency gambling projects?

If you do, or if you want to, there’s a new EOS based altcoin that is called Tombola (TBL) and the site for it is at

As the name implies, Tombola (meaning Lottery in Italian) offers crypto investors a chance to get in on the ground floor during this Airdrop.

The service is also having a Token Pre-Sale now through July 31. The main sale is Aug. 1 – Aug. 31. More info about that is at

Remember my last gambling related post?

If you had taken my advice, you could have made out very nicely, and you would have enjoyed every second of the World Cup.

Want to see how it works?

This is not some ‘future deliverable’. Tombola is already on the market. That’s right. Tombola Games are already live and available for wagers in crypto, right now, wherever you are. Just go to and play! ERC20 Token Sale – Pre-Sale Is LIVE ERC20 Token Sale – Pre-Sale Is LIVE

Full Disclosure: We have investments and other financial interests in the following cryptocurrency, CoinMarketAlert (CMA), and many more.

Do you trade cryptocurrency?  If so, you know how important it is to keep a close eye on your investments in digital cash.

Well now there’s a new ERC20 altcoin that is called Coin Market Alert and the site for it is at

As the name implies, Crypto Market Alert provides crypto investors with up-to-date information about the cryptocurrencies they HODL, short, or otherwise trade.

The service is also having a Token Pre-Sale now through July 31. More info about that is at

The official announcement about the Aug. 1 date that will see CMA launch its token sale on the open market, is at,

Remember my last post? If you’d used it well, you could have made bank, and you would have enjoyed every second.

Clearly, it’s important to use the best alert system that takes care of your needs, when you invest in any cryptocurrency. And CMA does exactly that. CMA’s token permits subscribers to control their notification services subscription. This is helpful if you choose to use cryptocurrency plus smart contracts to keep a handle on the information that’s important to you.

CoinMarketAlert (CMA) also has a free online slots game (it is not a real gambling game. you can’t bet any money on it. it’s a game that’s just fun, to try and win free tokens.) the game gives anyone free spins to win tokens. Tokens are available to anybody who signs up (registration is free). It’s fun. And … come on …  it’s free tokens. Who doesn’t like to win tokens for free? CMA’s free slots game is at

coin market alert token pre-sale information

Interesting Crypto Developments

Five Noteworthy Crypto Developments in 2018

Full Disclosure: We have investments and other financial interests in the following crypto works, and many more.

Binance – a major cryptocurrency exchange that’s worth many billions of USD and is not even a year old. – a cryptocurrency that is based on trading bots. The purpose of the currency is to deliver solid dividends to investors and traders, earned by the trading bots at modest daily and monthly amounts. – the world’s first DAPP dedicated and operating exclusively as a 2018 FIFA World Cup betting site, letting punters place wagers directly in Ethereum (ETH), all running on blockchain and smart contracts. CAUTION: This is not some fluffy futuristic fantasy. This is a live application for betting on World Cup matches during the championship tournament in Russia. If you’re not a sports betting person, stay away because you have no idea what to do. This site is for serious gamblers only, and specifically, it is for those football gamblers who want to bet ETH, without all the nonsense and hidden charges that rip off people who bet in old legacy sports betting sites. – A cryptocurrency project that aims to defend against government censorship, and protect anonymity, especially in the places and for the people to whom it really matters. – a cryptocurrency mining operation operating in a cave (formerly a Soviet military storage facility) in Kazakhstan that has thousands of bitcoin miners set up to mine BTC, using the cave’s natural cool temperatures to maintain low energy costs and thus increase ROI.

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Top Banned Apps of 2014

Happy 2014!

Here are some rather peculiar treasures our amazing members found while scouring the ‘Net for banned apps on Android, iOS, Blackberry and yes … even Windows mobile OS.

We figured you might want to know about these, and they’re definitely a good, quick read.

The apps that Apple does not want you to use – Telegraph
Aug 7, 2013 With more than 700,000 apps available for download, perhaps Apple can afford
to be picky, but some of those to be banned show Apple’s 

Windows 8

a new platform for developing apps with an emphasis on touchscreen com/19577/why_microsoft_should_lift_the_possible_ban_on_linux_booting_on

App To Find Girls BANNED!App To Find Girls BANNED!
Pre-Order your SourceFed Gear Here: Add the NEW Sourcefed Facebook page: The app Girls Around Me is pull…


CONTROVERSIAL App Banned By the New York Times! - The Pulse News Reader Scandal - AppJudgmentCONTROVERSIAL App Banned By the New York Times! – The Pulse News Reader Scandal – AppJudgment
Miss AppJudgment? Check out Tech Feed for more app news & reviews: Due to a copyright complaint by the New York Times, Pulse News Reader wa…

5000 Apps Banned – The New Rules – Chillifresh
A week of campaigning has paid off – phew – for a while there the world was without an app to jiggle boobs with. FOLLOW US on Twitter for free app tokens and updates to this story

Top 10 Banned Apps On BYOD Devices – SiliconIndia
Top 10 Banned Apps On BYOD Devices – Bangalore: The BYOD trend that moves office to the coziness of your device is catching up fast. Smartphones and…

Richard Wentk, published 2010, 624 pages

Hidden Feature Gets Best Camera App BANNED by Apple! - AppJudgmentHidden Feature Gets Best Camera App BANNED by Apple! – AppJudgment
Miss AppJudgment? Check out Tech Feed for more app news & reviews: Last Thursday Apple pulled the popular camera app “Camera+” from the App…



Now this next not actually a banned app … but it’s funny … and it’s about the Apple iPad2, and we think it’s definitely worth your time.

Apple iPad 2 Banned Commercial (CRAZY)Apple iPad 2 Banned Commercial (CRAZY)
iPad2 1080p – This is true, the iPad is so amazing. Its probably one of the best products, we ever made. But now we have created an magical app. We worked ve…


iPhone Banned AppsiPhone Banned Apps
Take a look at 3 Banned Apps for the iPhone 5 —————————————— SUBSCRIBE for the more! THUMB and SHARE: ‪…‬


Which apps have been banned? (The Feed)Which apps have been banned? (The Feed)
These days there’s pretty much an app for anything. From tracking your bowel movements to doing digital coke off your touch screen, almost anything you want …


Boyfriend Tracker App Banned because, you know, that whole invasion of privacy thing. Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom updates. Star Wars Episode VII to begin f…


Secret to FREE Tethering on iPhone 4 - Banned App! - HandyLight Walkthrough - AppJudgmentSecret to FREE Tethering on iPhone 4 – Banned App! – HandyLight Walkthrough – AppJudgment
Miss AppJudgment? Check out Tech Feed for more app news & reviews: At first glance, it looks like a crappy flashlight app – so why was Hand…


introducing Bandroid

bandroid logo


Update: February 22, 2013: See below for information about this User Generated Content website, where any developer can post their apps normally banned on the Android Market … aka: Google Play.


2012 January 20 – Filecorner has launched Bandroid – the home for apps banned on the Android Market.

For some months already, many applications once marketed freely and openly on the Google Android Market have been pruned, prohibited and otherwise banned from appearing on the so-called open application market.

Of course this means that the Android Market is no longer suitable for many software publishers and developers.

Fortunately, Android is an Open Source OS, and it is perfectly AOK to develop independent app markets for Android users. There are, in fact, already a wide host of other websites for downloading Android apps. In that respect, Bandroid is nothing new.

What makes Bandroid unique, is that we only publish apps that are banned on the Android Market. This means we prominently feature banned apps in the realms of adult entertainment, cracking and other kinds of apps that snooty and snobbish tea toddlers typically frown upon.

Let them frown. Developers of the banned apps simply need another market place to post your prodigious product. We are here for those software developers and publishers to do exactly that.

Update: February 22, 2013: The apps featured on the Bandroid site are user uploaded, user generated contentThat means you, dear Bandroid website user.

If you want to see your apps banned on Android be available on this website, then you should upload your app.

If you want to see the app or apps of other developers whose apps are banned on Android, then you may wish to ask those developers to upload their apps here on the Bandroid site of Filecorner.

Laughzilla’s Merry Christmas Card

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Laughzilla’s Funny Office Party Christmas Photos

Silhouette of holiday hat wearing pole dancing girls from 2010 archives

What'd you get for Christmas?

Whatever holiday or ritual cultural tradition you choose to observe or ignore, we at FileCorner hope you are enjoying good times.

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